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Fritz & Amelia Reese

The end is here!
If you have not yet sent in your family history…please do it now.   Most of you received a Christmas letter from me…in the letter was a procrastination letter.   In the letter I set a FIRM deadline.  If you have not received a Christmas letter from me that means I do not have your current mailing address.  Please contact me and update your address.  If you need any documents that were mailed to you click the documents link above.

Many of you have promised me many things…it’s time to deliver.  But most of all I need you to respond with your immediate family….help me make sure that I have your information correct.  I cannot be responsible if your history is not recorded accurately.  This book is a WRITTEN…PERMANENT, HISTORICAL RECORD of the REESE FAMILY.  If I have you married to your sister or have your birth date wrong…this becomes   a PERMANENT HISTORICAL RECORD.  A hundred years from now…your great grand children will read the book and say, “sick…our great grandparents were siblings!”

Privacy — A quick word about privacy.  Writing a book about family history is fun and excited…and it is a lot of work.   One cannot imagine the amount of work unless they are at the deep end of the pool trying to swim for the first time.  🙂

Chances are, if I have your name, I have your birth date (your date of death, if applicable) your marriage date, divorce, your address, your phone number…Now, just because I have this information does not mean that I will make it public.  Even though I may have obtained it from public sources.  You will never see what I have show up on Facebook or anywhere…I have pictures and even those I am very careful about.  Recent pictures…it is rare if one that I have shows up on Facebook…now older ones…like the one to the left of Grandpa and Grandma Reese…yes.

When you register on this site…the only thing that I require is your name and your email.  I am the only one that sees that.  We do not have a members list that anyone sees…so when you register…no one knows.  We even let guests post…so even when you post no one knows that you are member.  I do ask you to fill out your profile…that is for me and me alone…this is so that I can cross check and make sure I have everything correct for you.  And to make sure that the people that are registering are actually family.

I want you to have confidence that when you register that no one sees your information but me…and when you mail your info in that I am not sharing that with anyone…that is for me…and for me to use in the book.  If you share something with me and ask me to not use it in the book I will honor that.

Thank you for all of your hard work, your time and your contributions.   – Kevin Airrington

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT — Online form…fill it out online.  Click Here

I am very excited to be able to do this…if you have ideas…please let me know.  This book belongs to ALL OF US.  My hope is that you will have the 1990 edition and the 2012 edition sitting next to each other on the bookshelf.  These books should be something you are very proud of and something you pass on…and one day someone will come along and say hey it’s time to do another edition.

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