Reese Farms

I am hoping that someone will email me pictures of other farms in the Reese family. I know that there are many of them. Just today Pat Fritz emailed me and told me about several modern farms still today. I would love to see some of these photos. We have several photos that we are saving as a surprise for the *2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America. Until then please enjoy these farms.

Reese Farm


*Some have asked, “Kevin why do you write the whole think out like that everyone time on the website?”  The reason is simple…first, unless someone comes up with a better name or I get out voted. 🙂 that will be the name of the 2012 edition of the book.  Second, I spell out the whole name of the 2012 edition of the book so often, not to bore you…but because the search engines pick it up…and then the word gets out to more Reese Family.

Do you know how else the word gets out?  Buy you telling the?  Make sure you send them to this site…and have them register and update their profile with their current address…this way I can contact them with an information package and this will ensure that their information is correct and current in the <strong>2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK:</strong> Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America.