Honey Delight Cookies from Rose Reese

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Mix all ingredients. bake at 375 for 10 to 15 mins. Makes 3 dozen

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7 Responses to Honey Delight Cookies from Rose Reese

  1. Patricia (Reese) Fritz says:

    Isn’t it interesting about an ingredient being honey? Honey is harvested annually from the Michael Reese farm in Cameron Township which was originally homesteaded by Ernest and Anna Reese.

  2. Kevin says:

    I didn’t know that! Don’t you have work to do Pat? 🙂 Whose farm is at the top of the website? And I am wondering if there is any Reese farm that Ernest didn’t own at one time. Can you get some pictures of the bee farm operation for “research purposes” 🙂 You can be the Lois Lane of the 2012 Reese Family Book: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America. but don’t get into trouble…because I am not Clark Kent…and I for sure can’t fly! 🙂

  3. Patricia (Reese) Fritz says:

    Does having the last name “Fritz” have anything to do w/your jests??? LOL Actually, there are just some (maybe 6-10)hives setting out on what once was a “farm’s house yard” and brothers Mike and Jim have “some bee guy” come each fall and empty those hives. Consequently we 5 sibs all get “fresh/raw” honey (not pasteurized) around Thanksgiving every year. He bottles it in half gallon containers..and let me tell you..it is BLUE RIBBON good!! Way to go Reese Farms, eh???? Pictures?? hmmm not sure, but I can ask my bro’s. And, no Kevin..I have nothing else to do, not right now anyway, as Harlan is watching TWINS baseball and they aren’t the most exciting this yr!!! And how about you… you must be watching this Web page CLOSELY!! But…I cannot view the picture or document gallery…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Oh, Yes, G-pa Ernest was a very admirable entrepeneur..lots of acres/livestock/trucking/custom harvesting…just ambitious and successful! There, enough!!

    • Kevin says:

      Well…can you package up some of that BLUE RIBBON HONEY and send some to your cousin in Oregon next trip to the homeland? Tell Cousin Mike it’s for me…he’ll say yes right away. hehehe

      I meant the work…going over the address book…making sure I have them all and they are accurate…etc. 😉 I am going back and forth with the kids…wife is working, she is in nursing. And I get PING…when an email comes in…and in this case it’s a warning that someone posted and I need to approve…and in your case it’s a DOUBLE ping warning!!!! LOL

  4. Patricia (Reese) Fritz says:

    I’m sorry I do NOT know who this farm belonged to. It’s a mighty fine gem of a barn, that’s for sure!!

    • Kevin says:

      It looks to me like Grandma Amelia is right in the middle…I am about to switch it out…I enhanced it a bit and cleaned it up. Can you tell it was a day she was scowling…lol

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