Please sign our guest book to let us know that you stopped by.  If you are a member of the Reese family please let us know which brother or sister your descend from.

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  1. Patricia Kay(Reese) Fritz says:

    I am the youngest daughter of Victor and Lloyola Reese who resided rural route Woodstock, MN
    My DOB 5-2-49 in Pipestone, MN.
    Grandparents: Ernest and Anna (Widman) Reese.
    Currently reside in Sioux Falls, SD
    Am married to Harlan Fritz.
    My siblings are Barbara (Reese)Kranick, James, Michael and Richard Reese

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Patricia:

      Thank you for signing the guest book. You might consider registering…> on the right. This way you are updated when I add something new to the site. I will be adding a progress page for the new book: 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America.

      Also, make sure I have your current address as I will be mailing out a packet of information in a couple of days. You can email it to: or register and then update your profile.

      Take care,

      Kevin Airrington
      Grandson of Rose Sarah Hemphill-Reese
      Son of Doreen June Baldwin-Hemphill

  2. Leah Palmer says:

    I am Barb Kranick’s Daughter, and it is great how you are collecting all this information

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Leah:

      I answered you in an email…didn’t realize you had signed the guest book. 🙂 You should also register for the reasons I mentioned to Patricia above. You will be notified when I make changes, upload new photos, and add to the progress of the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK!

      Be sure and let other family members know this site is here and have them contact me with their current mailing address. Postage is expensive. 🙂

      Take care,

      Kevin Airrington
      Grandson of Rose Sarah Hemphill-Reese
      Son of Doreen June Hemphill-Baldwin

  3. Kimberly Reese Schroeder says:

    Marvin Reese’s granddaughter

  4. Kenneth Ray Riese says:

    I am the youngest of 9 children of Maryann Louise Riese (Reese) daughter of Ernest August Reese. Thank you for contacting me with this information. I will send you any information that I have.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Kenneth:

      It is so good to hear from you.

      I am looking forward to seeing your pictures (scan copies*), reading about your stories and history…please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Also, be sure and contact your other siblings, cousins etc., I am not certain if I have everyone’s address.

      Have a great weekend

      Take care,

      Kevin Airrington
      Grandson of Rose Reese

      *P.S. If you do not have access to a scanner…please send your pictures to me with instructions to scan and return. Make sure you label the photos so we know who they are. Pictures of your immediate family…plus pictures Grandpa Ernest..Your Mother…anything that would be of interest. Old documents, baptismal…etc. I am so excited…

  5. Louise415 says:

    This site looks wonderful and exciting to see my heritage as well as others in the works of a book. Too Awesome! God Bless…I am a descendant of Rose Reese, her being my grandma.

  6. Charles Nogosek says:

    my name is Charles (Charlie) Nogosek son of Loren & Virginia Nogosek, born in Jamestown North Dakota 6/26/72 i am one of the 10 of their children, I’m now residing in Bakersfield California & have 4 children of my own. The only memory i have is Buster Glade, he is the Brother of my grandmother Louise Olsen (Glade). She is buried in Bismark North Dakota i believe. Louise lived in Jamestown North Dakota for as long as i can remember but passed away at a convalescent home in Bismark. My mother is Virginia Nogosek (Olsen) but has passed away on 8/15/2008 in Phoenix Arizona. I have photos of my mother & my grandmother that i can look for & send them to you if you would like. other than that i don’t know much about my family.


  7. Verna Orsatti says:

    Hello everyone! Just saying hi for now… I’m Verna (Reese) Orsatti and daughter of Clifford Reese, who was son of Fred Reese, who was son of Fritz Reese.

    I live in the Denver area of Colorado and have since 1968, not long after the untimely death of my father in Minnesota.

    I’m a pretty social gal and love family! Say hello back!

    • Kevin says:


      What a delight to hear from you. I trust you have received my letter and I will be hearing from you soon. I will respond in an email as well so that I can post my contact info. We are buzzing along with the book and getting info…which is making me BIZZY. 🙂

      Take care,

      Kevin Airrington
      Son of Doreen Hemphill, Grandson of Rose Reese, Great grandson of Fritz Reese

    • Kevin says:

      Verna…you still out there? 🙂

  8. dannygirl98 says:

    Jardene K (Janssen) McCubbins daughter of Maynard and Rudella Janssen from Woodstock, Mn. I live in Lebanon Junction, KY

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Jardene…

      Welcome to the Reese Family Website. Please let me know if you have any questions…I can’t wait to get your pictures and family history. 🙂

      Take care,


  9. terri says:

    Kevin it was a pleasure talking with you this morning. I am looking forward to looking into the Baack side of the family for you. I’m looking forward to talking again soon.

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