Some things to consider

Here are some things to consider:

  • Maynard mentioned in the 1990 edition that Fritz & Amelia Reese lived with relatives (our relatives) when they first came to America in February 1892.  The relatives were in Council Bluff, Iowa.  Does anyone know who the relatives were?  Pictures? Names? Children?  What was the house they lived in?  Business they owned? Etc?
  • How did they travel from Iowa to Minnesota?  Train?  Wagon?  Horseback? Walk?  Spaceship? 🙂
  • The 1990 edition says that Amelia Reese was born in Lüerdissen, Germany.  As far as my research there is no such city.  Can anyone help with this?
  • Does anyone know where Minnie (Reese) GLADE is Buried?  August Glade?
  • How many brothers/Sisters did Fritz/Amelia have?  Names?  Pictures?
  • Earnest’s Middle name is: AUGUST, Rose SARAH, What are the middle names of the other siblings?
  • It will be easier and less expensive if members of each line obtained birth certificates, death certificates, marriage, etc.  be sure and check with other relatives as they may already have these.
  • Does anyone have a picture of the original homestead in Western Murray County, Minnesota?
    • If someone lives close…can they go to the county office and look this up…perhaps get a copy of the paperwork for the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK?
  • Does anyone have any pictures of the schoolhouse that was built on the Reese homestead?  Known as “REESE SCHOOL”.  Any public record of this?  Can someone close look this up?
  • We found a business card with name: “REESE PRIVATE HOSPITAL” in Omaha, Nebraska.  Nurse Miss Rose Reese on the card.  Can anybody shed any light on this?
  • Rose Sarah Reese went to Nursing School in Omaha, Nebraska.  Where did she go to school?  Does anyone have her certificate?  Credentials?
  • Does anyone have a picture of Minnie and August Glade’s homestead in Belfield, North Dakota?
    • Louise & Arthur Baack Homestead in Murray County…can we find a deed or record?
    • Bertha & Walter Nepp Homestead in Murray County…can we find a deed or record?
    • Rose & Glen Hemphill Homestead in Woodstock…can we find a deed or record?
    • Any pictures or deeds of any of the original homesteads for the REESE FAMILY BOOK?
  • William Reese….Willmar State Hospital…any records of this?
  • The story has it that the original Reese manufacturing business was owned by Fritz Reese and he sold it to his brother for 1 German Mark when he left.  Can anyone verify this?  The website says that Gustav Reese founded Reese Manufacturing.
  • Maynard says he saw a picture of Fritz Reese’s brother…do we have a copy of this picture? Can we get one?
  • Fritz’s marriage License, birth certificate, etc.?
  • I would also like a copy of the letter Grandma Amelia sent to Gustav on 14 September 1926.  Anyone have this?
  • If you have old photos or you have letters, birth certificates, baptismal (Susan (Reese) Dobbins has my grandmothers in German!), marriage, ordinations, homesteads, business licenses, anything of interest.   Newspaper clippers are also interesting.
  • If you think of stories or other items of interest…the stories can be from times past or current…remember your current event is someone else’s history!

My Grandmother and my mother both had a recipe box…in the 2012 edition I am adding a Recipe section so please send me your favorite recipes.

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