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In 1990 the Reese family had a wonderful family reunion in Minnesota.   Maynard Reese and his sister Donna Mae Boese completed a fantastic family history book.  there were stories and pictures.  Maynard and Debbie provided information about the Reese genealogy from their trip to Germany in 1982.   Here is an excerpt from their account:

“The Fritz Reese family came to the United States in 1892 from Lippe Detmold, Westfahlin, Germany.  There were Fritz, his wife Amelia (Ebert) and five children: Minnie, daughter of Fritz from a previous marriage, William (born 1886), Henry (1888), Ernest (1889), and Louise (1891). 

Upon arrival they first stayed with relatives in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  They soon came to Minnesota and homesteaded  a farm in western Murray County, northeast of Woodstock, for which they paid ten dollars per acre. On this farm seven more children were born.  They are Martha (1893), Bertha (1894), Fred (1896), Ralph (1898), Rose (1900), Mayme (1902), and Herman (1903).    Some of the children attended a Lutheran school in Nebraska for a time.

A one room country school was built on the same quarter of land as the Reese Homestead.  It became known as “The Reese School”.”

Since 1990 there has been many change sin the Reese family.  Babies have been born, couples have been married, loved one’s have passed on.

What this website is about is you and I.  The next installment of the Reese Family Book.  The 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America.  This edition will have all of the wonderful research from the 1990 edition, a few corrections and much much more.  We need your help.  In the next few days you will be receiving a letter…we need  you to respond to the letter right away with pictures, documents, stories, etc.  Fill out the two accompanying forms in their entirety.   The longer you wait the more likely it will be that we will make mistakes in the book where your family is concerned.

If  you have pictures of your grandparents, great grandparents that is wonderful!!!  If all you have are some snapshots of yourself and your children that’s great!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kevin Airrington

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