2012 Edition


We are currently collecting data and pictures for the 2012 addition.  If you have not yet sent your information to me please do so.

My name is Kevin Robert Airrington.  I am the grandson of Rose Sarah Hemphill-Reese.  She is one the daughters of Fritz (Fredrich Henrich Adolph) and Amelia (Caroline Henrietta) Reese who immigrated to America February in 1892.  They are pictured on the left.    They had 12 children: Minnie (Reese) GLADE (Birthdate: 5 February 1881-1947), William REESE (30 September Birthdate: 1886-1964), Henry REESE (Birthdate: 16 July 1888-1958), Ernest REESE (Birthdate: 27 November 1889-1961), Louise (Reese) BAACK (Birthdate: 10 November 1891-1955), Martha REESE (Birthdate: 1893-1973), Bertha (Reese) Nepp  (Birthdate: 1894-19-72),  Fred REESE (Birthdate: 1896-1965), Ralph REESE (Birthdate: 1898-1961), Rose (Reese) HEMPHILL (Birthdate: 1900-1980), Herman REESE (Birthdate: 1903-1916), Mayme REESE (Birthdate: 1905-1989).

My email is kevin@airrington.com.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/walkagain

Phone: (541) 207-1900

Please contact me for  my mailing address.


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