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{excerpts from 1990 edition}

By: Maynard & Debbie Reese
OCTOBER 18, 1982

As most of you know, we vacationed in Germany a few weeks ago and below is a recap of some interesting and valuable information we found regarding the REESE FAMILY.

After much research in the Persinenstandsarchiv Westfalen-Lippe, (Personnel Archives) in the village of Ditmold (population 65,000), we discovered that the prefix “Lippe” is an area, named for the Lippe River, of which Detmold is the largest village.  Something like a county seat for us.  We assume this to be the reason for all the references to residence, birth places, etc., that have always been “Lippe-Detmold”.  This are is located within the state of Westfalen…”

A Tribute to Aunt Mayme (abbreviated)

 “I guess after getting to know Mayme I learned why she referred to herself as being “able to see”.

Mayme’s appearance was “perfect”.  Every time I picked her up it was…”Is my blush even?” or “Do I have too much on?” or “How about my lipstick?”  Her clothes were perfectly matched and clean.  Even her last days, Mayme was so ill she was concerned about her appearance.  She would say, “Do I look sick?  I don’t want people to think that I am fooling.”

I am so glad to have the the opportunity to share with the Reese Family some of the character of our Aunt Mayme.  I’m proud to be her niece and follow in her footsteps.”

—–  Barb Kranick

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