Help on what to send for the 2012 edition.

You have a shoebox full of stuff and you are not sure what should be included…first off look around on this site at pictures and documents that I have included.  This will give you a start.  For a list of things we are looking for refer to your letter or click here for an updated list.  For a list of questions to ask yourself and other family members click here.

But more important than the facts…don’t forget the oral stories and the traditions.  I spoke to my Uncle on the phone the other day…he told me a story where he came home and his dad was in the barn milking a cow.  He went in the barn and demanded he sign that he could join the Navy or he would leave home and he would have to come find him and pay for him to come home.  Grandpa sign and my Uncle spent 10 years sailing the seas.  The stories continued from there…these are the stories we are looking for…before they are lost forever.

He told another story about his dad and his uncle in WWI having to fight for their breakfast.  One morning a plate of hotcakes was set on the table.  My grandfather took his hotcakes and before his brother could get his share…another sailor stuck his fork through the entire stack and took the pancakes.  Well grandpa wasn’t going to take that.  He knocked that guy out of his chair and got his brother some pancakes for breakfast.  What’s your story?

      • Be sure and get first name, middle names and last names (maiden names and married names where applicable)
      • Birth dates, married on dates, deaths etc.  Full dates for example:  02 November 1841
      • Include important events (Baptisms, ordinations, etc)
  • Include newspaper clippings (stories, obituaries, old ads {people get a kick out of paying 8¢ for a loaf of bred})
  • report cards
  • baby books…first tooth, first time to crawl, first set of shoes…
  • Marriage Licenses and Certificates are always interesting.  You can order these online in most cases.  Many of the Reese’s are from Minnesota and you can order them here: for only $9.00.
  • Birth Certificates, Death Certificates…etc.  Pilot’s license.
  • pictures…pictures tell a story…please don’t just send me a picture.  Tell me who is in the picture, when it was taken and what is happening in the picture.
  • stories…tell us about what you do for a living or about interesting stories that happened in your family.  If Uncle Tom was insane and he crashed the car through the living room…TELL IT!!!  If Aunt Buella got drunk and fell through the coffee table TELL IT!!!  If you told Billie to stay out of the Apple Tree and he misbehaved and climbed it and fell down and broke his arm…TELL IT!!!
  • letters…what happened to the days when we wrote letters?  if you have some…send them to me to include in the book.

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