2012 Reese Family Book Progress

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The thermometer says there is a 1000 things to do…there is more like 50,000 things to do.  And if we added all the things that all of you have done…YIKES!!!  Listen, if you are contributing, i.e., gathering photos, documents, stories, interviews, etc…PLEASE let me know, because I do want to acknowledge you in the book

Title: 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK: Fritz & Amelia Reese from Germany to America

What has been done:

  1. Working on Family Tree — there are thousands of records…I have went through military records, census records, old phone books and more.  When you receive your information packet in the mail you will be able to fill in information I could not find.  Like all those new grandchildren.  🙂
  2. Attempting obtain vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, baptism certificates, confirmation, death certificates, etc) from Germany.  If any of you has these from any of the Reese’s in Germany please let me know.
  3. Ordered both grandpa Fritz and grandma Amelia’s death certificates
  4. Ordered marriage licenses Ernest and Annie (If you have them…please let me know so I am not throwing out $13.00 a pop.) 🙂  by way I learned something VERY INTERESTING about their marriage I don’t think anybody knew.  I’ll share with you later.
  5. The letter and packet of information is complete.
  6. Most addresses of Reese’s have been gathered (Please register and update your profile with your current mailing address).  I will mail out the packet of info on Monday, 21 May 2012.  Please make sure you get this out to others in your family that I may have missed.
  7. Labels have been printed.
  8. Post cards ordered.
  9. Conducted some brief interviews.
  10. hundreds of pictures scanned (thousands more to scan)  (if you have old photos in a box that need scanned…I have 3 scanners and lots of hard drive space…I am ordering another scanner and another 3TB external Hard drive….I would be happy to scan your “Reese” photos…and put them on DVD and send to you and send your box of photos back to you.  Provided you allow me to keep the Reese digital photos that are of interest to me.)
  11. ordered new scanner and 3TB external hard drive.
  12. Made 1990 Edition of the Reese Family Book available online for purchase.
  13. Created Reese Family Group Record & Reese Family Chart
  14. Final Edit on Reese Letter
  15. Print all documentation and prepared for mailing on Monday 5/21/2012 (please make sure you give me your current address)
  16. Mailed first batch of letters 5/23/2012
  17. Mailed Final batch 5/29/2012
  18. Mailed another small batch 5/31/2012
  19. More addresses are coming
  20. Stuffed letters—prepared another batch of letters for mailing on Monday (6/5/2012)
  21. Received Package from Minnesota Researcher — Interesting stuff!  More research being done in Minnesota
  22. Made contact with Florida Researcher…
  23. Made Contact with North Dakota Researcher…
  24. Iowa researcher…Contact has ceased…if anyone knows of a researcher in Iowa please let me know.
  25. Research complete in Germany (from what my researcher in Germany told me…package on the way!!!  That will be exciting!!!
  26. Need to find a researcher for Nebraska…
  27. Sent out first reminder post card

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