Louise Reese


Arthur & Louise Baack (Reese)


(Chester Arthur & Delilah Baack)

Does anyone have a photo of Chester & Delilah Baack?


Chester & Delilah had 3 children: Deanna Joanne, Dennis Robert, and Richard Arlen.   Deanna & Louise Steinke were married in Chicago.  Their family includes Teri Lynn, Ricky L., and Scott Alan.  Deanna as of 1990 lived in California. Dennis passed away 28 March 1960.

Richard married Joan Lee Bennett on 2 July 1965 at Memphis, TN. Joan had two children whom Richard adopted.   They are Deanna Joan and Gary.  As of 1990 Richard lived on Louisiana.


(Harold Raymond Baack)

Does anyone have a photo of Raymond Baack?

I have no record of Harold.  Chester Passed away in 1999.  Delilah is living in Pipestone.  It is my understanding that Chester & Harold were the nephews of of Arthur Baack.

They are part of the Reese family and I would like to find the descendents of Chester and Harold.  Would someone like to take on that project?  If so contact me and I will give you Delilah’s contact information and what information I have.

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  1. Louise415 says:

    Mama said she gave me my middle name, because of her Aunt Louise Reese. I am very honored to have Louise, as my middle name.

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