Free Picture Scanning



Why scan?

  • Overtime your documents will yellow and will brittle and fall apart.
  • Black and White Photos fade and flake over time and the color will bleach and fade.
  • Preserve them —your photos are one of a kind.  Water or fire damage and your photos are lost.  We can preserve them on DVD and you can have them forever.  To enlarge and share.
  • I am offering what could cost you hundreds of dollars.  The reason is I care about this project.  Lets get it done and preserve these family memories.
  • Why not preserve memories and have peace of mind?  All FREE?


Here is how it works:

— What you do — (Must be Reese Project Related — you can put in other pictures but I a cannot scan pictures of your Aunt Mabel Carters Wedding exclusively)

  1. You box up your photos (prints —black & white and color) and your documents/newspaper clippings, etc.
  2. Ship USPS PRIORITY FLAT RATE (cheapest) to me.
  3. Add Deliver Confirmation (75¢ if paid for at P.O. free if paid for online) or signature.
  4. Make sure you provide instructions.

— What I Do —

  1. Immediately, I will begin scanning your documents and photos.
  2. I have 3 quality scanners and plenty of hard drive space.  (My wife, 17 year old son and I go to work for you)
  3. I will scan your photos and documents at a high resolution. (Photos: 1200dpi tiff/documents: 300dpi jpg )  Minor repair (crop, wrinkles, cracks, lines, spots, etc.)
  4. I will copy all your photos and documents on to a DVD(s).  Preserving them permanently.
  5. Turn around time 24hours to 48 hours.
  6. If there is a delay I will call or email you.
  7. I will pack up and ship back your photos and documents and your DVD(s) via priority mail with tracking at my expense.  You only pay shipping to get the box here.

I will keep the Reese photos that I scanned (you get back ALL your originals) that I plan to put in the book.  It’s a win-win deal.  You can even send along your family photos…send them all.  You won’t get this deal at Walmart. 🙂

Why am I doing this?  Because right now doing the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK is one of the most important projects on my time schedule for preserving our family heritage.  If someone doesn’t do this my fear is that no one will.  Many of you have a trunk or box full of photos…that will be lost to all of us…and to you and your children if someone does not preserve them.  You probably are like most…

You work busy 40 hour weeks…juggle the kids, church, bowling and other things…the last thing you need to do is scan 500 pictures and 100 documents.  Tale 30 minutes drive them to the post office and on a couple days you will have them back…preserved on a DVD.  And you will have them in your 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK without hardly lifting a finger.

Grab the letter you got in the mail (it has my mailing address)…grab your pictures and head to the post office TODAY.   I am disabled…in a wheelchair…I am at home.  I have time to do this…PLEASE, I want to do this for you, for all of us.  Let me do this.  Send me your photos.  If you have a small envelope or a HUGE box.  Send them.  If you need help with shipping cost…email me.  I will pay shipping BOTH DIRECTIONS.

But, if you wait too long…the book will be at print…and the opportunity will have passed.  You will not have your pictures scanned…they will not be in the book.  Ship them today!!!

Questions?  email me:

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