FREE picture & document scanning

Don’t have the time?  If you have old photos in a box that need scanned…I have 3 scanners and lots of hard drive space…I am ordering another scanner and another 3TB external Hard drive….I would be happy to scan your “Reese” photos…and put them on DVD and send to you and send your box of photos back to you.  Hit the Contact link above and we will get the ball rolling.  Of course I will do this for free.

Alright, I am starting to get takers on this offer…this is a GREAT IDEA for many reasons.   For more details follow this link.

Basically here is the deal.  You have a box of Reese photos and documents you have been meaning to scan and preserve on DVD…we have this project and need photos.  Send the box to me.  I will scan your photos at high resolution (1200dpi jpg/tiff and 300dpi for your docs), put them on a DVD and ship the DVDs and your original pictures and docs back to you.

We have pictures and documents for the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK and your have pictures and documents preserved forever!  For free…what a deal!!!

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