2013 Reese Family Reunion ~ REESE FEST

The Airrington’s, Suzi Dobbins and my Aunt Delores Peterson are planning a trip out to Woodstock, Minnesota (from the West Coast) to visit the Reese’s and see the sites.   Our trip is planned for Mid to late June 2013.

Pat has just informed me that I am not allowed to come in June.  I’m serious she said, “Stay home Kevin, we don’t want you and your family here in June 2013!”  Of course I was sad and puzzled…then she said, “COME IN AUGUST TO THE REESE FEST”  So yes…we will be there!!!

We want to see as many Reese’s as we can.  I have been corresponding with Pat Fritz and we are making plans for a location for a pot-luck type BBQ.   About January I will mail out a Post Card announcing the date, time and location of the BBQ.    Remember it is Potluck so return here for instructions on what to bring!  Pat Fritz is bring the Walleye!!!

For more information about food or you want to bring your favorite dish.  Please contact Pat Fritz at pat@reesefamily.org.  We will update as more info becomes available.

Please make sure that I have your current address.  To date I have had these letters returned:

  • Corrie McCutchen
  • Terry McCutchen
  • Kaye Olson

If you are one of these Reese’s please contact me with your correct address.  If you have the correct address of on of these Reese’s…please contact me so that I can correct my records.  Thank you.

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  1. slr201 says:

    Hello My name is Stacy Reese, granddaughter of Victor Reese. I see you need my correct address which is 332 lake view ave, long lake, mn, 55356. Thanks…very excited for this!! Thanks for all the dedication n hard work towards it!!!!
    Sincerely Stacy

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Stacy:

      Welcome aboard. 3:30am here I am again burning the midnight oil. 🙂 Lot of work…but fun too…I will be sending you something in the mail…but in the meantime…let me give you a head start…I will email you the letter and documents to fill out. Shouldn’t take you long…and then just attach a few photos and get them back ASAP.

      Thank you so much…the book is going to be awesome!!!

      Take care…your cousin,


  2. sharonk says:

    I am really getting into this project…fun to look in Grandma Reese’s box of pictures and clippings and recipe books.
    I am making some of Grandma’s recipes…pickled green beans and Hydrox lime dessert are favorites! Next is Great Aunt Bertha Reese Nepp’s sauerkraut. 🙂
    Looking forward to meeting Kevin soon here in Snoqualmie WA!

    • Kevin says:

      I can’t wait to meet you either Sharon and Vince and your Mom Mildred…then it’s off to Minnesota next Summer. 🙂

      Look at these memories…make sure you write some down for the book… 🙂

  3. Louise415 says:

    I know I am slow on getting things back to you. I have tons of questions. Also, I am interested in making the trip with my boy’s to MN, as well for the 2013 Reese Reunion. Please let me know if this would work for you if you all are planning a caravan. Not sure if you all come close to Idaho and we meet and head to MN. I am working on the paper today. Going through somethings that were in my things from mom, I have located a couple recipes but may have to type them out…as scanner has an opinion of it’s own and does not want to work with me at this time. I left you a msg on your phone and look forward to talking to about a few things.

    Glenda, Cole and Brezden

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