Victor, Lloyola , Rudella and Mary Ann

Reese Family…thank you for all that you are doing to make the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK possible.  It is a lot of work tracking down everything and twisting arms to get pictures and documents.  🙂

I realize that not everyone has pictures of Fritz & Amelia…Ernest…Rose…Victor…Rudella…Ernest…, etc.  So I am very grateful for the ones that do have these that are sending them!

Those that do not still have a story to tell…still have a history and still have pictures to share.  Lisa Kelley and everyone else…when I put the book together I will need your information.  If I don’t I will have to guess at what I have.  And if I guess wrong then I may get your birth date wrong…I might even get your picture wrong. (I promise it won’t be Phillis Diller. :))   So, all of us…we need to make sure our story gets told too.  Our current event is someone else’s history and we deserve to have it told correctly.

One of the sibling’s…of Ernest Reese…may have the date wrong on their GRAVE MARKER in WOODSTOCK CEMETERY!!!!  That’s right!!!!  According to the state of Minnesota and according to the 1990 REESE FAMILY BOOK….the date of birth on the marker is WRONG!!!!  So what am I doing about it?

I have ordered a birth certificate…and I have ordered medical records.  Once I have verified their birth date one way or another…we will either pass the hat and replace/repair their grave marker or send a certified letter and  their certified birth certificate to the State of Minnesota to correct this.   This is how deep I am going to make sure we are all represented accurately!

The 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK will only be accurate as far as your record is concerned IF YOU RESPOND TO THE LETTER I SENT YOU.  If you need help, have questions, call me or email me.

I am working VERY HARD at making sure our REESE HISTORY is ACCURATE, PRESERVED, and ENJOYED by Reese generations to come.

If you are a REESE — a Descendent of Fritz & Amelia Reese and you did not get a letter from me, PLEASE contact me ASAP.  Please don’t make me guess at your information…don’t assume that I know your information or that your aunt, your mom or your grandmother with get it right.  I need the basics…at the very least…

What are the basics?  Three generations of ancestors…you, your parents and your grandparents.  Your descendents,  your children and grandchildren.  Your picture and pictures of your descendents.

Don’t make me add Phillis Diller’s picture next to your name in the 2012 REESE FAMILY HISTORY BOOK!!!  🙂  Thank you all very much…I am so excited for the book to come out!  I put a picture up tonight and many of you posted…it brought back alot of memories.  You talked about the candy dish…you talked about the BBQ’s you talked about the Foosball…the Snicker bars in the feeezer…most of all you talked about how much you missed them!  If one picture can do that…imagine what a whole book can do?

Please…respond to that letter ASAP!!!

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