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Here is the online form for the “Memory Questions” as promised.  The answer space does not look very big.  I promise you it is…just keep tying your answer.  I will work on making it a little friendlier.  If Mrs Lois…aka Pat Fritz was not in such a hurry…hey don’t let that big ol’ smile fool ya…she’s mean she called me up and she made me cry.  So I had to get this form up in a hurry…something…it was hard to understand she was yelling at me so hard…and I was crying and something about Walleye’s and you better git that form up…and well here it is and honestly *sniff* I did my best.  🙂

If you remember a Reese that has passed you can help get their history…their story recorded n the 2012 REESE FAMILY BOOK accurately by filling out this form.  Don’t worry if someone else has filled out the form about the same person.  It is all of our memories that will contribute to a loved ones memory.

Details are important. Ex: #4 ans: “hospital” is good. But if you know which hospital, date, time, nurse’s name, dr’s name, or who was there…any details. If you don’t remember that is fine and people remember differently and that’s ok too. Just tell your story. You will need a sheet for each person. This will not be easy and it will take you some time. And, you will not be able to answer everything for all. This is okay. Use additional paper if needed. You may want to use this as a guide and just type your answers on the computer (this is what I would do). Be sure and attach copies of any supportive documentation if you have any. Please contact me if you have questions.

GOAL: For me to KNOW the person through your eyes.

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