Christian Reese/Fritz Reese

I have been contacted by a Reese family in Wisconsin and the evidence is pretty good that  we may be related.  We have both compared notes and on the surface we cannot find the connection…yet.  The only way to tell for certain is a DNA test.  If there is a male Reese from the Fritz Reese line who would be willing to take a DNA test please contact me.  Not only will it tell us if we are related to the family in Wisconsin it will provide us with other useful information.

Let me share with you what we know from the Reese family in Wisconsin.

The Reese immigrant’s name is:  Christian Reese
Arrival: 19 June 1854
Ship: SS Patria
Birth: 12 January 1826
Place of Birth: North Rhine-Westphalia, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Death: 08 Dec 1897
Place of Death: Farmington, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA

Our Reese Family from Minnesota:
Fredrich Henrich “FRITZ” Adolph Reese
Birth: 02 June 1852
Place of Birth: Heiden, Borken, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Fritz’s father: Fredrich Daniel Reese
Birth: 16 March 1819
Place of Birth: Talle, Lippe, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

There is only 7 years difference between Fredrich Daniel & Christopher.  This is probably the most likely place to look for a sibling relationship.  If Fredrich Daniel is not the older brother of Christopher then the next place to look is cousins or Uncles.  It would be INTERESTING to say the least.

Because of the geographic location in Germany (Lippe-Detmold area) and the name, there is a strong likelihood that Christian Reese the immigrant that setup his homestead in Wisconsin is related to our Reese family of Minnesota.

There are four things that I will be doing to confirm or deny the relationship.

  1. Seeking out a suitable Paternal DNA candidate.  If your last name is Reese and you are a male then you are probably a candidate.  Please contact me.  The procedure is simple and harmless…you will receive a swab in the mail…you swab your mouth…place the swab back in the plastic baggy…and in the provided envelope…mail it off…and we wait for results.   Both the Wisconsin family and myself are willing to share in the cost.  So all you have to do is be a willing candidate.
  2. Confirming Grandpa Fritz’s siblings through birth records (in progress).
  3. Confirming Grandpa Fredrich Daniel’s Siblings through birth records.  (because of the age…Fredrich Daniel and Christian are of the same generation)
  4. Once birth records have been obtain search for birth records on each of the siblings (look for cousins).



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